Record Retrieval Services

RumbleSoft is accepting record retrieval requests for the National Archives (DC).

Now booking record retrievals NARA (DC) for our next trip on

May 6 – 8, 2024

We are creating a list of record retrievals by clients. Please fill out the appropriate order forms to be placed in our queue of requests. Requests will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, click here for the details about how our record retrieval and invoicing service works.

ScanSnap ScannerRumbleSoft is excited to offer record retrieval from multiple archives.  We use a high-resolution scanner or digital camera to take pictures of records and deliver digital files of each page to our customers.  If an archive requires photocopies (paper) of records to be made, RumbleSoft will deliver paper copies instead of digital files. Click here for details about how our record retrieval service works.

COVID-19 has introduced some wrinkles (partial research days, limited hours, appointment-only access) to the onsite research process (not all collections may be available, or limits imposed on record access) at many of the state and National Archives. 

In addition to offering retrievals for common records (pensions, CMSRs, carded medical, court-martials, bounty land applications, homestead packets, private laws, ..) we offer custom research projects for a flat hourly rate. Custom research can be wide-ranging, and could be retrieving U.S. Court of Claims case, or research into artificial limb history for a Civil War ancestor who lost an arm or leg during the war.

For order forms and research services offered at these Mid-Atlantic archives, click the appropriate link, or email your request to Sandy directly.

  1. National Archives – DC
  2. National Archives – College Park
  3. National Archives – Philadelphia
  4. Pennsylvania State Archives
  5. New Jersey State Archives

Click here for details about how our record retrieval service works.